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11 Refreshing & Crazy Mojito Pitcher Recipes

Mojito Pitcher Recipes | Mojito Recipes

Mojito Pitcher Recipe
! Sounds like so interesting and amazing. So I’m going to share with all of you different kind of mojito pitcher recipes.

This Mojito Pitcher Recipe is the BEST mojito recipe for a crowd of people. If you’re throwing a summer party, you need this mint mojito recipe. Pitcher cocktails are a lifesaver for parties. Start with a mojito simple syrup, add the alcohol, and you’re ready to go!

Make a jug or pitcher of refreshing mojitos, so that you can spend more and more time with your guests or friends or your families.

Mojito Pitcher Recipes | Mojito Recipes

Mojito Drink recipe is a best recipe for parties. If you need to serve lots of people, or you have a big batch, then these recipes are below will perfect and mojito pitcher recipes will save the day!

This is one of my favorite drinks to serve at the party, but how do you make mojito for so many people? After making cocktails is too much of an issue, so for lots of people it is easy to make mojito pitcher, so quick and love everyone! This Mint Mojito Pitcher recipe is a lifespan for summer parties!

The main ingredients of every mojito are refreshing and simple: rum, lime, soda water, and mint. Also sometime it can be made with vodka, but we will make you decide on any recipe classic Mojito which looks good with these delicious.

Make a mojito simple syrup, combine it with alcohol in a pitcher, and bang on the party! You’re ready to serve everyone & ready for entertainment.

1. Mojito Pitcher Recipe:

Mojito Pitcher Recipes | Mojito Recipes
 Mojito Pitcher Recipe

Mojito Pitcher is a best drink for a crowd. Sometimes want a large batch mojito recipe for party or any occasion, or want mojitos for a crowd, this recipe is that for you. A perfect drink for celebration and this is a refreshing signature that love everyone!

2. Blueberry Ginger Mojito Pitchers Recipe:

Mojito Pitcher Recipes | Mojito Recipes
Blueberry Ginger Mojito Pitchers Recipe

With rum, lemon, Blueberries, and ginger make that recipe in pitcher is awesome and the flavor of ginger and blueberries make you feel crazy!

3. Summer Berry Pitcher Mojitos Recipe:

Mojito Pitcher Recipes | Mojito Recipes
Berry Pitcher Mojitos Recipethe
(Image : crumby kitchen)

Serve a batch or gang of friends the summer berry pitcher mojitos in hot summer days party celebration or occasion. With fresh berries and raspberries seltzer get the recipe just bang on! So easy and quick to making for any party!

4. Cucumber Mint Mojito Pitcher Recipe :

Mojito Pitcher Recipes | Mojito Recipes
Cucumber Mint Mojito Pitcher Recipe

This refreshing version of mint cucumber mojitos is a great combination of cooling summer recipe and features a springtime kick of cucumber. You’ll love that Cucumber Mint Mojito Pitcher Recipe simple, light and juicy cucumber with cooling mint, soda and white rum.

5. Mango Mojito Pitcher Recipe:

Mojito Pitcher Recipes | Mojito Recipes
Mango Mojito Pitcher Recipe

This Mango Mojito Pitcher Recipe is mainly cocktail drink and perfect for summer hot days in pitcher on the beach or for any party. Fill with mangoes, mint and rum gives you a delicious and nice drink!

6. Tequila Mojitos Recipe:

Mojito Pitcher Recipes | Mojito Recipes
Tequila Mojitos Recipe

With sugar, lime juice, mint, some soda water, simple syrup and some tequila and mix all of things and get a nice marvelous alternative to the traditional mojito that goes down a treat at parties.

7. Raspberry Mojito Cocktail Pitcher recipe:

Mojito Pitcher Recipes | Mojito Recipes
Raspberry Mojito Pitcher Recipe
(Image : completely delicious)

Raspberry mojitos are sweet and refreshing cocktail drink for any occasion with mint and raspberry flavor!

8. Ginger Mojitos Pitcher Recipe: 

Mojito Pitcher Recipes | Mojito Recipes
Ginger Mojitos Pitcher Recipe

The flavor of ginger and with fresh mint leaves make that ginger mojitos pitcher drink stunning and a great feeling for any party! A perfect Mojito punch for a crowd.

9. Strawberry Mojito Pitcher Recipe:

Mojito Pitcher Recipes | Mojito Recipes
Strawberry Mojito Pitcher Recipe

This strawberry mojito pitcher recipe is perfect for any cocktail party. The incredible white rum, strawberry, some mint, and lemon make the recipe delicious and refreshing! See here how prepare that cocktail Strawberry Mojito Pitcher recipe.

10. Coconut Mojito Pitcher Recipe:

Mojito Pitcher Recipes | Mojito Recipes
Coconut Mojito Pitcher Recipe

In a pitcher, mint, some lemon juice, coconut water or coconut cream and, rum, coconut rum and fill with ice. All these mix in shaker or cocktail shaker and what you will get that coconut mojito pitcher drink is just awesome and I’m sure you love it!

11. Vodka Blueberry Mojito Recipe:

Mojito Pitcher Recipes | Mojito Recipes
Vodka Blueberry Mojito Recipe

Blueberry vodka mojito cocktail is my one of the best drink ever. In that drink you get muddle the mint, blueberries, simple syrup and some vodka. It’s a easy summer drink of mojito for everyone!

Also a video clip of mojito pitcher recipe which I get from you tube (name : Taste Unfold). See hoe to make that drink step by step.

For entertainment or enjoy the party or occasion these more 5 litre mojito recipes are perfect drink or beverages. So make that recipe at home and enjoy! These are the best mojito recipe ever. Comment me for knowing to how the drink mojito is and follow the site that I give you more recipes like this. 

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